Stephanie Felber

setting a environment for things to happen


working method, particular interest:

My understanding of choreographic work is less a composed dance form, than more an architectural arrangement of the human body in space and time. Most of the time I’m questioning the environment and the role of the audience. The focus on specific movements which relate of its social aspects is a mane research topic for me. Trying to analyze my habits I find myself often scanning the space around me and observing different people by there actions in daily life. Conscious and unconscious productions of postures and gestures that have communicative functions and also a personal signature are part of this specific interest. The bodily narratives of domestic situations can be or can become a ritual. They are ordinary activities, like traveling between home and work, moments of being in-between, moments of waiting or taking a break. For me it is interesting to look specifically into all these „in-between spaces“ of embodied expressions of modern urban culture and civilization because they seem to tell body stories of cultural and social embodied practices and identities as living enactment of the very present. Furthermore questioning the role of the audience in general is one of the initial topics for me. Being sure that any variation away from the classical role of the audience as a recipient will influence the development of my process substantially. I want to create a space where different levels of perception can be experienced.