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06.-09.June 2017 Public Space Oslo 

INTERLUDIUM“ wants to address the inhabitants of a selected city district, but also the daily passengers who cross or visit this district and is supposed to be „implanted“ as a temporary/mobile sculpture. A playful approach is created to counter anonymity and to show courage, humour, togetherness, fun and spontaneity. 

„INTERLUDIUM“ will serve as a  meeting point where interaction and „games“ take place. The „games“, latent attention-actions (e.g. common loud reading, step patterns, assigning postures, transporting ordinary objects in a complex way, etc.) are carried out with the participation of passengers and inhabitants of the selected district and of two artists/performers and maybe up to 5 dancers. 

artistic director: Stephanie Felber

collaboration partner: Eliana Vero

Supported by Goethe-Institut Norwegen

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