Workshop with interventions in different districts of Tallinn;


A collaboration between Stephanie Felber and Barbara Lehtna


Partner: TantsuRUUM – Eesti Tantsuagentuur koostöös Eesti Tantsukunsti yes Tantsuhariduse Liiduga


How do we create performative situations in public space?

With different choreographic modules, we turn a district into our playground and try to find out how we can shape and influence it through movement.

The movements we are dealing with are above all those resulting from observations in the everyday urban environment. Here we want to fan social mechanisms of choreographic aspects. In doing so, we shed light on how the body stores and expresses it individually and within a group.


Timeframe and location:


April 19, 2018: 11: 30-14: 30h & 20 April 2018 11: 30-15: 30h

Sihtasutus Eesti Tantsuagentuur, Hobujaama 12, 10117 Tallinn



April 21 10:30 – 12:00, Telliskivi

April 22 15:00 – 16:30, Vanalinn



It is addressed to everyone who are interested in movement experimentation in public spaces

Participation is free of charge and required over the entire timeframe.

Workshop language:

English (possible translation if needed Estonian & German)

Deadline for applications:

12th of April 2018

For questions and application send an email to:


A performative assembly of bodies

18th & 19th May 2018, 8:30 pm, Labor Ateliers, Dachauer Str. 112 Munich

In VAGUE DE CORPS, an immersive dance production which premiered in July 2017 in Munich, Munich based choreographer Stephanie Felber and her team question the emergence and dynamism of groups. The choreography is designed as a performative gathering of bodies that dissolves the boundaries between performers and the public as well as those between a fixed score and collective action. Whithin this setting, the audience is puhed to Stepp out of the role of the passive consumer and become an active part of the show. Forms of power and empowerment, positionings and decision-making processes are negociated and balanced. The performers are seducers and dictators and at the same time submitting to the impulses coming from the audience. Choreography, light, sound and spatial design merge into a multi-sensory setting, which allows for a heightened experience of group dynamics.

,In VAGUE DE CORPS I’m aiming for an experimental field in which performers, light-, stage- and sound designers as well as the spectators become activists. They are all tools of agitation and change and the addressees of this project.’ (Stephanie Felber)

During the development of VAGUE DE CORPS, the choreographer and her team dealt with methods such as crafting and structuring scores, observing the group behaviour of animal herds, psychoacoustics and perception psychology, and manipulation factors helping to influence crowds. Acoustically and visually, the Team worked with findings emerging from the stimulation of emotions via sound and light. Audible and inaudible frequencies are heard, influencing the perception of those present, as well as the quality and colour of the lighting. Task of the light also is to structure the space, the individuals moving in it their body parts and movements – a confusing game blurring the boundaries and the focus of attention.

Stephanie Felber uses movement qualities of mass events, such as demonstrations, parades, sports events, pop concerts and uprisings and condenses them into tableaux vivants, frozen / time sculptured poses of extreme agitation/ emotion that appear and disappear. VAGUE DE CORPS poses questions about freedom and determination according to the individual and the mass: should I move with the swarm? Do I want to move with somebody else or do I want to stand apart? Can I escape the pull of others? Will I take over/ absorb the anger, the nervousness, the relaxation, the energy of those next to me? Who is spectator, who performer?

A production of Stephanie Felber in coproduction with PATHOS München. Supported from the Cultural Department of the City of Munich.
Partner: AKC ATTACK! Zagreb.
Technical Support: Kammerspiele München

Stephanie Felber is a guest of Tanztendenz München e.V. 


Artistic Director: Stephanie Felber

Mentor: Erin Manning

Performer: Elsa Mourlam, Sonia Borkowicz, Alexandra Baybutt, Nikolaos Konstantakis, Jonathan Bringert

Light design: Pit Schultheiß / Diana Dorn

Soundcomposing: Luiza Schulz

Stage design: Guida Miranda

Production management: Tina Meß / Tanzbüro München

Public relations: Simone Lutz / Lutz PR