The research “WE-Bodywill be based on a re-enactment of a iconography (from political counterpoints from the last 5 years), a collection of known images and sounds of protests found on the Internet. As a choreographic base I want to use the method of „tableau vivant“. Trough a movement research the pictures will be transformed into „living pictures“ – actions without emotion / or better with the representation of emotion trough the embodiment of the picture. Though the freezing of the movement between each picture while performing / embodying it, its inevitability plot will blur and will leave space of possibilities for imagination or interpretation. In my opinion nowadays „ tableau vivant“ developments have the capacity to protest as an art form and within its tools against the rhythm of media and the way it deals with pictures and framings. The three-dimensional aspect, the flickering between nothing and something – the space it gives for individual perception and imagination are quite rich elements to turn rusting information to a kind of confrontation and it reaches much further in terms of embodiment than a regular re-enactment.

This research deals on one hand with embodiment, challenges the intersection between arts and races the question if protest can be performative? I want to put the body in the incarnation of the picture gesture and want to confront the audience with the real and the living picture, with space for imagination and association.

Concept/Performance: Stephanie Felber

Performance: Luise Lochmann

24. September 2017 – Klub Attack, Zagreb