a Summary of recent Projects:

vague de corps:
Premiere: 28 July 2017, Pathos Ateliers, Munich

In „vague de corps“, Stephanie Felber and her team question the emergence and dynamism of groups. Forms of power and empowerment, positionings and decision- making processes are negociated and balanced. The audience is not only in the role of the passive consumer. In fact, the choreography is designed as a performative gathering of bodies that dissolves the boundaries between performers and the public, as well as those between a fixed score and collective action. Choreography, light, sound and spatial design merge into a multi-sensory setting, which allows for a heightened experience of group dynamics.

Artistic Director: Stephanie Felber
Mentor: Erin Manning
Performer: Elsa Mourlam, Sonia Borkowicz, Alexandra Baybutt, Nikolaos Konstantakis, Jonathan Bringert
Lightdesign: Pit Schultheiß / Diana Dorn
Soundcomposing: Luiza Schulz
Stagedesign: Guida Miranda
Production-management: Tina Meß / Tanzbüro München
Public Relations: Simone Lutz

A production of Stephanie Felber in coproduction with PATHOS München. Supported from the Cultural Department of the City of Munich.

06.-09.June 2017 Public Space Oslo 


Skándalon: skandalon-18

two performers force themselves into a sort of corset of denial of identity and slip into a rainbow skin. Through the alienation of the outward, in its appearance and movement, the unambiguous obscures itself into the ambiguous. S. Felber and N. Konstantakis break up queer codes of the visual arts by means of the performing arts and counteract these.

Performance and Choreography: Stephanie Felber and Nikos Konstantakis

Residential Support: Studiobühne Cologne, Tanztendenz Munich e.V.

Production: Tanzbüro Munich – „Transformance CityXChange“, Tanzzentrale Region Nürnberg e. V., Tanzstelle R e. V. Regensburg, Passauer Tanztage.

Support by: Cultural Office of the City of Munich; Bavarian State Association for Contemporary Dance (BLZT) with funds from the Bavarian Ministry of Education and Culture, Science and Art, Municipalities: Nürnberg, Passau and Regensburg, Kulturstiftung Stadtsparkasse Munich and Bezirk!Oberbayern



l´atelier de flanerie: 


l’atelier de flanerie is a choreographic conquest of space where the audience does not become a customer but a dealer while the performers function as „psychogeographers“. A not targeted, strolling walking becomes a sensing and information tool. Here the correlations between subject, space and power structures are in focus. Stephanie Felber researches with her team in the intersections from constructed to compositionally reclaimed thoughts and movements, which are partly an installation and performative experience, usually so that the viewer is on one hand involved and also on the other hand challenged or confused by his perception. Often the intention of volatility lies behind the work.

Concept / artistic director: Stephanie Felber
Choreography in collaboration with the performers:
Esta Matkovic, Danai Panou, Alessandra Fabbri
Premiere: December 11, 2015 Einstein Kultur Munich
Artistic advice: Maja Kalafatic
Room: Guida Miranda
Light: Pit Schultheiss
Production manager: Tina Mess / Tanzbüro Munich

Support by: Cultural Office of the City of Munich; Bavarian State Association for Contemporary Dance (BLZT) with funds from the Bavarian Ministry of Education and Culture, Science and Art
Residential Support: Mediterranean Dance Center (HR) and JSKD/ Ljubljana (SLO)
Technical Support: Kammerspiele Munich
Stephanie Felber is guest of Tanztendenz e.V.
performed at: Einstein Kulturzentrum Munich
work in progress showing: Spanski Borci Ljubljana, JSKD Ljubljana, Mediterranean Dance Center Svetvincenat Croatia


„WEIV/VIEW“ deals specifically with the aspects of blurring or filtering. How is the body perceived when a attention is focused by a frame? What happens when the body and the perceptions between abstraction and concreteness oscillate? What effect does the minimization / reduction of the three- dimensional movement of a dancer by framing and filtering on the two-dimensionality? The project represents an attempt to portray the different and specific perspectives of the media used and to reflect their perception.The body or the body structure are the starting points of the work. Two bodies become one. They approach each other and they move away, they are one and the other. Is a body itself at all, is it the same as itself or is it the self. Each is the beginning of the other, each one reflects the other. A special created world, into the visitors can enter and be addressed by various visual and auditory stimuli. The arrangement of the individual media of the space itself becomes the image. The structure of the body is thereby staged. Various impressions and feelings are to be built at the visitor and to be remembered.

Concept/Choreography: Stephanie Felber

Performer: Nikos Konstantakis, Smaragda Siouti

Light: Pit Schultheiß

Production Management: Tina Mess

Support by: Cultural Office of the City of Munich, Die Färberei Munich,  KJR München-Stadt

Technical Support: Kammerspiele Munich

performed at: die Färberei Munich, Pasinger Fabrik Munich,




a long-durational research project




MEDOMAI is an examination of the fluid body projections. Slowing down physically to an almost constant rhythm, and to a velocity like we see on snails perceived by our eyes, we gain time to recognize how our situation changes in every instant, as well as the relation to our partner in any aspect. We are not able to fulfill desires or to get our desires fulfilled because during exactly that time, while we understand what we could do to reach our aim, the whole situation has already changed. In the impossibility to follow decisions and previsions, and so in the incoherence of expectations, there is a fragment of undecided land, where we can be free to perceive the present and staying in the slowest motion, second by second without knowing about what will appear next. Like this we can open possibilities to let them guide the body without thoughts, but with extended awareness. This also happens in life, but only when we are surrounded by a slow space. Only there we are able to understand the process, only then we are able to sense how things are evolving. In the quickness we can arrange things in a way that we can reach our aims, in the very slow motion we can only adapt our body and our mind to the situation. Here we might find new resources, we could change ourselves and our trajectories if we wanted, most likely because of the interaction with a non average time and state and the relation to the other person.

Performed by: Stephanie Felber, Ludger Lamers, Maja Kalafatic, Smaragda Siouti, Alessandra Fabbri and Shawbrook Youth Company

Residental support: Shawbrook Irland, Quartier am Hafen Cologne, Tanztendenz Munich

Performed at: ZZT Cologne, Quartier am Hafen Cologne, I-Camp Munich, Orangerie Munich, Schaustelle – Pinakothek der Moderne Munich, Shawbrook Irland, 19th FAKI Festival of Alternative Theatrical Expression Zagreb