During my artistic journey I am specially interested and inspired by my all day environment and the interest in artistic formats that engage with the city and its citizens. At the moment I am researching about the performance of daily actions, the space of human creation and participation, the chiasma of being and becoming.The liminality in everyday practices and everyday spaces, to reflect and research the transformative aspect of the everyday.The inspiration for this research project comes from an interest in the living movement of quotidian life and from an interest of embodiment and culture. How are embodiment as performance of expressive form and cultural identities interwoven? The Performativity in daily life and in particular in the central zones of the city, attracts my curiosity. Conscious and unconscious productions of postures and gestures that have communicative functions and also a personal signature are part of this specific interest. The bodily narratives of domestic situations can be or can become a ritual. They are ordinary activities, like traveling between home and work, moments of being in-between, moments of waiting or taking a break. For me it is interesting to look specifically into all these „in-between spaces“ of embodied expressions of modern urban culture and civilization because they seem to tell body stories of cultural and social embodied practices and identities as living enactment of the very present.