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ABAX is a site-sensitive durational performance that will take place in different spaces when we can meet in real space and real time (planned for 2022). It is a series of events that take the form of games. The rules of the games are partially exposed in advance, partly dependent upon Guy Debord and Alice Becker-Ho’s game ‘Game of War’. ABAX is created by Alexandra Baybutt and Stephanie Felber, in partnership with the groups who play the game and the audiences who unwittingly end up taking part. 

ABAX as Aussichtsplattform (viewing platform) 

ABAX uses game structures to approach how training for something trains you back, and how the future unfolds messily but lucidly.

ABAX asks questions about the future. We are united in not knowing it, divided in how we anticipate it. Irrespective, we train for it through playing, through losing, through committing.

ABAX as Austiegsplattform (exit platform / epilogue)

Over the longue durée of a game that embodies all former and future games, we attempt to show how individuals and groups negotiate the challenges of anticipating the unknown and unknowable future.

Parners: Class

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