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was founded in 2017 after many years of cooperation between Nikos Konstantakis and Stephanie Felber. Based on the multi-disciplinary process, they work predominantly in Germany and Greece.

In recent years, the artist duo has been researching social dynamics and their effects on interpersonal communication. The multi-perspective consideration of social processes shapes the quality of her artistic work and creates new approaches for artists and viewers.

Since September 2018, the artist collective DIPHTHONG has been working with the dance house ‘Isadora & Raymond Research Dance Center’ in Athens.

Upcoming performances:

ΣΤΙΓΜΑ1 (stigma1)
27/28/29/30.11 & 01.12.2019  in studiobühneköln

Trompe l’oeil
16/17/18.01.2020 in Orangerie Theater Köln in collaboration wih Jacqueline Hen

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