Dancefilm and Live-Performance

© Photo: Robert Haas

The choreographer and videographer Stephanie Felber and her team set themselves the task of interweaving film and theater on an equal footing. The one medium interacts with the other, is co-existent. The perceptible change in muscle tone and breathing rhythm manifests how the performers' bodies negotiate their situation between holding and letting go, uncertainty and relaxation.

In following the action, the audience is invited to experience itself in suspense, to focus or zoom the eye like a camera lens and, reacting to the dramaturgy of the impulses, to constantly readjust...


Premiere: July 28, 2023 - schwere reiter, Munich

Duration: 60 minutes 

Artistic direction: Stephanie Felber in collaboration

with the performers: Eléonore Bovet, Ludger Lamers (live),Angela Mössner, Nikos Konstantakis (video)

Music composition: Christoph Reiserer

Video-Installation: Patrik Thomas

Dramaturgy Performance/Video: Enya Belak

Dramaturgical advice and project management: Julia Opitz

Light: Lennart Rabe

Technical concept and spatial planning: Roland Wawoczny

Press relations: Beate Zeller


Funded by the Cultural Department of the City of Munich. Stephanie Felber is a member of Tanztendenz München e.V. The research phase was supported by the Finnish organization TaikaBox.

In the midst of a mysterious untimeliness that acts like a parenthesis, there are four visually similar people. Who are these different equals in their mysterious appearance? "It is not entirely clear whether they can see each other, but they do perceive each other. They could be in a parallel universe, or in different times," says Stephanie Felber, artistic director of "Carnal Screen". Constantly exposed to new states of tension and relaxation, they search for paths, explore their surroundings, orient themselves, meet each other, escape and elude each other. After an intensive research process into the film, theater and literary-historical phenomenon of suspense (Latin suspendere, "to hang up"/"tension") as well as the filmic genre of mystery, Stephanie Felber , together with her artistic team, transforms typical aesthetic characteristics into her own choreographic language, while consistently preserving the cinematic. The result is a multimedia puzzle-like interplay of live performance and film that is sometimes oppressive, sometimes humorous and invites you on a sensual, associative journey. A cognitive action that pauses, seems to revolve around itself and yet follows the ticking of a clock. With their arrangement and performative exploration of multimedia spaces, Stephanie Felber and her team give suspense fresh ground, demand non-conventional (visual) experiences from the audience and create a new aesthetic, sometimes magical frame for the connection between temporality and spatiality.