Stephanie Felber

Stephanie Felber (choreographer & videographer) and her team, which is temporarily formed for the respective project, develop multimedia, participatory and site-specific productions in which they question viewing habits, the classical space of the theater and the role of the audience.

Various perceptual possibilities are made tangible through physical, spatial and acoustic fine-tuning.

Her way of working is characterized by an interdisciplinary and participatory approach.

ONE NIGHT STAND, Performances und Fachtag

23.2.2024 | Köln Premiere, Schauspiel Köln
13.4.2024 |
Ludwigsburg Tanz und Theaterwerkstatt Ludwigsburg

18.4.2024 | München 20:00 Uhr, Hoch X München

19.4.2024 Fachtag „dance_age_trouble“ mit einer Lecture performance, Podiumsgesprächen und Workshops