Stephanie Felber

Stephanie Felber (choreographer & videographer) and her team, which is temporarily formed for the respective project, develop multimedia, participatory and site-specific productions in which they question viewing habits, the classical space of the theater and the role of the audience.

Various perceptual possibilities are made tangible through physical, spatial and acoustic fine-tuning.

Her way of working is characterized by an interdisciplinary and participatory approach.

PHANTASMAGORIA explores the field of phantoms, hallucinatory apparitions, auditory and visual illusions that convey a phantasmatic presence and play with perception. Deceptive occurrences open up the space for one's own imagination. The performers' movements generate a 360° soundscape that leads the audience into a kind of intermediate world and transforms the theater into a mystical place, shrouded in fog and seductive sounds that create a sound choreography. Physical figures appear and disappear. The real and the fictional merge. The audience, in the midst of the action, is led into a labyrinth of sensory illusions. "Phantasmagoria" oscillates between the audible and the inaudible, the visible and the invisible, is fact and illusion at the same time.

Artistic direction: Stephanie Felber in collaboration with the performers Ludger Lamers, Daniela Graça Schankula, João Santiago, Irfan Taufik-Shakhawan Amin, composition/sound installation: Stratos Bichakis, lighting: Lennart Rabe, project management/dramaturgy: Julia Opitz, mentor: Michael Akstaller, PR: Beate Zeller




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