As part of a choreographic laboratory, we explored two cities from the perspective of the moving body in public space. We exchanged ideas between different cultures and used the rivers "Emajõgi" and "Isar" as connecting points for our explorations.

Inspired by the techniques of the "Situationist International / Guy Debord, we observed the environment on the riverbanks, analyzed the social behavior / unconscious habits / movement rhythms of our everyday patterns on the riverbanks of both cities and used tools of psychogeography such as drifting or "situationist city maps", 360° awareness or a blindfolded tour.

In doing so, we created our "own" sensory maps that document the movement structure used, the choreographic systems as well as olfactory and sensory impressions. Our maps suggest experiencing a city in a sensual and embodied way.

Project initiators: Stephanie Felber & Kroot Kiviste

Contributors: Wiebke Dobers, Christiane Kuck, Maureen Zollinger, Katharina Voigt, Kaisa Kattai, Emilia Bachman, Kessu-Liis Koppel, Kelli Katriin Krünvald, Jane Pärn, Martha Paas

Supported by: Cultural Department of the City of Munich, Goethe-Institut Estonia, Kultuuriosakonna Tartu

Supported by: Tanztendenz München e.V., Alexela Loomelava, Tartu, Tartu Tantsuakadeem

A two-week choreographic laboratory / Munich, Germany - Tartu, Estonia 2021