Interludium is a meeting place where interaction and games take place and is intended to appeal to residents and daily passers-by in Oslo.

The games and latent attention-grabbing actions (e.g. walking step patterns, diverting glances, transporting ordinary objects with great effort and together, etc.) are carried out with the participation of residents and passers-by.

Interludium is a "stop" that invites all passers-by to forget the seriousness of everyday life for a moment, to unleash their creativity and initiate new contacts. Status, language, religion and origin are exchanged for the desire to play. It appears as an urban utopia and creates a place that gives space to people playing.

June 06 - 09, 2017, at various locations in the public space of Oslo

Supported by: Goethe-Institut Oslo In cooperation with Avantor Eiendomsforvaltning AS & Oslo kommune

Concept: Stephanie Felber in collaboration with Eliana Vero

Duration: 6 hours each