MEDOMAI is an investigation of fluid-body projections, an encounter with a living "time-sculpture" and traces the slowed-down build-up of any movement to an extreme constant, similar to the rhythm of snails.

A spectrum of possibilities arises where thoughts diffuse, but a specific attention spreads to an unusually high degree over the active body and mind. The focus is not goal-oriented, but is clearly found in the perception of the present development of the self-controlled person.

Duration: 2 - 9 hours

Concept/idea: Stephanie Felber

Performed by: Stephanie Felber Ludger Lamers, Maja Kalafatic, Smaragda Siouti, Alessandra Fabbri and Shawbrook Youth Company Ireland

Residencies: Shawbrook Ireland, Quartier am Hafen Cologne, Tanztendenz München e.V. within the open studios 2014