vague de corps

Patrik Thomas

With the production "vague de corps", positioning, various forms of power and disempowerment, decision-making processes and leadership styles are balanced and scrutinized.

During the development process, Stephanie Felber and her team work with methods such as the scoring method, the group behavior of animal herds, psychoacoustics and the emergence of groups and their dynamics. The approach to implementation is interdisciplinary and becomes a participative, performative assembly.

Different perceptual possibilities are made tangible through physical, spatial and acoustic fine-tuning and an awareness of atmospheres is developed.

A nucleus of five performers and a team of three "broadcasters", a mentor, a sound designer, a spatial designer, a lighting designer and around 60 spectators who become actionists are the tools and, as it were, the addressees of this project.


Premiere: July 28, 2017 Pathos Atelier Munich

Duration: 70 minutes


Stephanie Felber in cooperation with:

Mentor: Erin Manning

Performers:inside: Elsa Mourlam, Sonia Borkowicz, Alexandra Baybutt, Nikolaos Konstantakis, Jonathan Bringert/Ludger Lamers

Sound design: Luiza Schulz

Lighting design: Pit Schultheiß

Interior design: Guida Miranda

Production management: Tina Meß / Tanzbüro München

PR/Public Relations: Simone Lutz

Supported by the Cultural Department of the City of Munich
Residenz: Attack! Subscena Theater, Performing Arts And Other Hybrids

Technical support: Kammerspiele München
Stephanie Felber is a guest of Tanztendenz e.V.