"WEIV / VIEW" deals specifically with the aspects of blurring or filtering. How is the body perceived when attention is focused through a frame? What happens when the body and perceptions oscillate between abstraction and concreteness? What effect does the minimization/reduction of a dancer's three-dimensional movement have by framing and filtering two-dimensionality?

The project is an attempt to present the different and specific perspectives of the media used and to reflect on their perception. The body or the body structure are the starting points of the work. Two bodies become one. They approach each other and they move, they are one and the other. Each is the beginning of the other, each reflects the other.

Concept: Stephanie Felber

In collaboration with the performers: Nikos Konstantakis, Smaragda Siouti

Light: Pit Schultheiß

Production management: Tina Meß

Supported by the Cultural Department of the City of Munich, Die Färberei München, KJR München-Stadt
Technical support: Kammerspiele München