embodied bodies of togetherness

In a laboratory-like workshop, Stephanie Felber and your team will open up their artistic methods / approaches to the current production "vague de corps". Insights will be given into the techniques of "performing scores" and "community and group organization formats". What forms of togetherness can we achieve? How can we create and organize a collective? How do we set up an environment for optimal interaction? What are pluralistic actions and how do they work? How do we use power or disempowerment for authority, control or domination?

Through the role of the body, we will discover how the gatherings are connected to different mechanisms. Therefore, it is not a question of whether I act collectively or individually, but which impulses of collective dynamics I want to give with my actions. We will explore the integrative and exclusive mechanisms of collective behavior using the example of animal groups. How do they create different forms and movements and how do they create different collective patterns with small variations in the rules followed by individual group members to organize themselves as a collective.